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Old glasses. New perspectives. Collect seeing aids now for a good cause!

Perceive, orientate, capture beauty: Eyes are the most important sensory organs. However, more and more people rely on seeing aids. In Germany alone, more than 40 million people wear glasses. Researchers estimate that by 2050 every second person worldwide will be short-sighted. The problem: Many people cannot afford such a seeing aid. In developing countries, a single pair of glasses costs up to seven times the monthly income – a luxury that many must go without. 

According to the World Health Organisation, more than half of all visually impaired people could be helped with a simple pair of glasses. Therefore, together with the “Brillen Weltweit” oganisation, we want to help provide these people with seeing aids. The charitable association ensures that glasses which are no longer in use reach people who urgently need them. For this reason, we have considered how we can make the donation of old glasses as easy as possible – and have developed the JOBA Spect-Collector. 

The small, compact container in a striking design, made in Bremen, can be displayed effectively. Above all, it is a chance to help without too much effort: Anyone can donate their old glasses by simply pushing them through the slot. This helps affected people to see properly again - and protects the environment, as the discarded glasses do not end up in the rubbish bin, but are usefully recycled.  
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With your help to a better perspective

All we need now is you: Support the campaign – and display the JOBA Spect-Collector in front of or inside your shop/ practice! This strengthens customer loyalty and your image, but, above all, is a great help for “Brillen Weltweit”. Furthermore, it does not cause you any trouble, because: When the Spect-Collector is full, we pick up the collected glasses and then forward them to the association, which, in turn supplies people in Europe, Africa, Asia and South America with the glasses via the non-profit-organisations.

Together we can improve the quality of life for affected people, secure livelihoods and – literally – create new perspectives. A clear, visual commitment to be proud of.

Brillen Weltweit – The good in mind

For more than 50 years now, “Brillen Weltweit” („Glasses Worldwide“) has been ensuring that discarded glasses from private households find their way to new owners throughout the world, who have hardly any money for or no access to seeing aids. The non-profit-organisation belongs to the Deutschen Katholischen Blindenwerk (German catholic aid organisation for the blind) and works together with international non-profit organisations, through which the glasses are distributed to local clinics, hospitals, mission stations and other charitable organisations in Europe, Africa, Asia and South America. Further information on the voluntary commitment of the organisation can be found at
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All advantages at a single glance

Direct help Donate glasses – give sight
Each pair of glasses donated helps an affected person – in Germany as well as in other countries throughout the world: The Brillen Weltweit campaign gives the seeing aids directly to approved non-profit organisations.

Visible commitment
The striking container has a high recognition factor and signals from afar: Glasses can be donated here!

Strong customer loyalty
Whoever wishes to donate his glasses visits you in your shop – and tells their friends about the possibility. This strengthens customer loyalty and your image – and supports a good cause.

Active resources protection
Many glasses are gathering dust in drawers or end up in the waste bin. Recycling of seeing aids protects resources, as fewer pairs of glasses must be manufactured – and protects the environment, as less waste is produced.

High-quality container
The JOBA Spect-Collector is constructed of high-quality, certified sheet metal with long-lasting coating, and is manufactured (directly here) at our headquarters in Bremen. An effective anti-theft device prevents unauthorised access to the donated glasses.

High flexibility
The container can be flexibly/effectively displayed and, being on castors, can easily be placed either in front of or inside the shop. When it is full, you simply inform us and we pick up the seeing aids and pass them on to “Brillen Weltweit”

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